Two Areas to Invest in for Property Development 2019

Two Areas to Invest in for Property Development 2019

Anyone can begin a career in property development, whether it’s a fulltime job or something to do alongside your regular career. However, research is incredibly important when it comes to property development, so just where do you invest?

There are a number of factors that influence the viability of investing in a specific area. What sort of investment is the council overseeing? Are there any development projects in motion? What is the picture of the areas’ future economy?

We take a look at two areas that represent a fantastic property development investment opportunity for you.

Slough, Berkshire

With the new £14.8 billion Crossrail planned to be opened this year or potentially beginning of 2020, companies such as 02 and Amazon investing in the area and a £450m investment with the Heart of Slough regeneration programme, the future of Slough is looking bright.

London housing prices are incredibly high; more so for potential first-time buyers, but with an expected first in first-time homeowners, more people are looking to the outskirts of London, and Slough is ticking all the boxes.

Luton, Bedfordshire

Luton is an ideal commuter town for people working in the capital. Not only are properties generally affordable and well-priced, but the area also boasts fantastic transport links too.

In 2016, the Luton mayor announced a £1.5 billion investment programme that is beginning to get underway. With a range of developments expected to create over 18,500 new jobs, Luton is becoming a fantastic area to invest in property development in 2019.