The Ultimate Guide to Kitchens

Best Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of most homes and fitting a new kitchen can transform your property, adding comfort, convenience, and value.  Buying a new kitchen is an important purchase, something you may only do a few times in your lifetime, so we’ve put together a guide to all the key things you need to consider when planning and buying the new kitchen of your dreams.

Your kitchen buying checklist:

What does my kitchen need to do?

One of the first things you need to think about is how you use your kitchen, and, how you’d like to use it in the future.  Is it simply a space for preparing food, or do you use it for family meals, entertaining guests, or for work or hobbies?  Getting a clear idea of the functions you need your kitchen to perform will help you make sure your new kitchen does everything required of it.  Think about your current kitchen – is it too small?  Are things laid out in a way that makes certain tasks difficult?  Is there enough storage space?  By identifying the problems areas in your current kitchen you can make sure your new kitchen makes your life easier and more comfortable. Click here to see the biggest design issues.

Is there enough space?

If you need more space in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to talk to a builder or architect about the options available to you in extending your existing kitchen space into other areas of the house or adding an extension to your home.  There may be possibilities you have not considered, and, with kitchen design improving rapidly in recent years, there are many ingenious ways in which you may be able to make the space you already have work better for you.

Have you ever thought about a combi-boiler? Not only will this save space, but the combi-boiler is a single heating system that warms an entire space from a space saving unit. Are you based in the Norfolk area and are looking to have a combination boiler installed? We recommend All Star Systems who are a local, family business with great reviews.

Invest in your kitchen

Have I chosen the right materials?

There are so many different options available when buying new kitchens today that the choice can seem overwhelming.  In the early stages of the planning process collect as much information as you can about the different types of kitchen available – flick through magazines, wander around the showrooms, or make a note of the kitchens of friends and family that you like.  It’s also really important to take into account factors such as budget, practicality and the size of your kitchen space when choosing the look and feel for your kitchen.   Many suppliers will present their products in extremely spacious show-kitchens, but you need to be realistic about what will work with the levels of light and space you have. Best materials for your kitchen.

It is important to have all of your broken, damaged and unused materials disposed of correctly. This can be done through a rubbish removals service from a company such as Rubbish Clearance Ltd. RCL works across London for commercial, domestic and industrial clients offering them a dependable and reliable removals service.

Have I got the right layout?

When you know what you’d like to do in your kitchen and what space will be available, the process of designing the layout can take place.  All reputable kitchen suppliers will offer a design service that will help you lay out your kitchen, but in order to get an impartial view it may also be worth consulting a builder or architect.  Good quality providers will want to visit your property to take measurements and see the space before starting the design process.  Take a hands-on approach to the design process and make sure you are getting what you want, not what the designer wants to sell you.  If you’re not happy with the design service, it’s best to walk away at an early stage as this could suggest problems with the overall service quality. See: Kitchen Layout Ideas.