Reasons to Choose a Microwave RF Link between Your London Buildings

Reasons to Choose a Microwave RF Link between Your London Buildings

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That is one of the main benefits of choosing a Microwave RF Link. The hassle, cost and disruption of having multiple buildings connected by underground cables are removed. If there is ever a problem with the connectivity between the buildings, the underground cables may have to be assessed to find the fault and correct it.

You also save money by not needing to install cabling or internet access points in your other buildings to run the network in them. This also means that you only have one network for the entire company eliminating the cost of running and managing multiple LAN networks.

The more buildings you need to connect to a single network, the more sense it makes to choose an RF Link as every problem and cost associated with connecting buildings by cabling is multiplied by each one you have to service.

Reasons to Choose a Microwave RF Link between Your London Buildings

  • Can penetrate walls within a building.
  • Eliminates the need for complicated wires and cables.
  • Very easy installation.
  • Cost-effective.

With the whole company on a single network, the phone systems are the same and can be assigned a short number to call to reach a particular phone in an office rather than having to dial the full number for the phone.

Company data and files are all shared on the network so there is no need to contact people in the other buildings to request files.

The signal sent from one building to the other has the capability of penetrating walls preventing the creation of areas with low connectivity.

Installation of transmitters on each building is a smooth process with little disruption while the work is carried out. It is cheaper and less disruptive than the laying of cables from one building to another.

Ultimately, a Microwave RF Link helps to save on costs of installation, management and connectivity of the network between the buildings.  

Microwave links are used for connectivity in modern digital IP networks. With capacities up to 6Gbps and beyond, a modern Microwave Link network can deliver bandwidth in a reliable, cost-effective and flexible manner in London – without need for disruption and delay caused by digging up streets and avoiding costly leased-lines. More.