Barbados continues to appreciate despite the economic downturn

Property prices in Barbados are appreciating at between 10 – 15% per year at the middle of the market and often higher at the luxury end, even during these harder economic times.

Cluttons Barbados says the property market remains in a stage of growth and has been driven by a strong economy and well established tourism industry. Barbados has fantastic amenities, golf courses, spas and restaurants with direct flights from major cities and of course the great climate and beaches!

In recent months Cluttons Barbados has seen a considerable upturn in the high end market and can only think that people are becoming less patient with the lifestyle in the UK. This has all led to a winning formula for British buyers.

In the recorded history of property on the island, property values have never declined. Unlike larger countries where property values have come under pressure from issues such as the financial downturn, Barbados property values have continued to show significant strength.

It should be noted that the middle market developer or homeowner is now a little more flexible and will entertain some negotiation, however the property market in Barbados is currently holding its own.