Drilling and Sawing

Track/wall sawing
The fastest, most precise way of cutting openings in concrete walls, floors and inclined surfaces. It uses a track mounted cutting head with a diamond blade – that is electro- hydraulically powered.

Floor sawing
The quick and efficient way to cut flat horizontal surfaces – e.g. roads, pavements, runways, bridges, and large concrete slabs. Uses diamond blades – mounted on self-propelled floor saws.

Wire sawing
Typically used for extracting large concrete structures, particularly where other cutting methods are impractical. A beaded diamond wire is fed at high speed through a series of pullies. The wire can cut through reinforced concrete and beams.

Diamond drilling
The most efficient method of cutting holes and slots. Openings to virtually any depth can be drilled through all types of concrete and brickwork.
Holes from 10 -1000mm diameter

  • Precise circular cuts for holes and slots
  • Low noise output and dust free
  • Can be used horizontally, vertically or at angles
  • Suitable for confined spaces
  • Inverted drilling available