Changes to make to your garden

Garden space

Your garden should be a place for you to relax and enjoy the sunshine. We have written a guide with tips on how to make your backyard even more beautiful and accessible to the entire family.

Feel free to share your tips with us.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting the outside of your home can help improve the safety, security and appearance of your property.  To help you get the best outdoor lighting scheme for your location we’ve put together a checklist of the key information you’ll need to know. Proper outdoor lighting.

What do you need the lighting for?

The first question you need to ask is what you need your lighting to do.  Consider all the possible use, if you are going to have outdoor lights fitted by a professional, it’s best to plan a whole scheme and get everything done at once.  Consider ‘task’ lighting for pathways, your decking or garden, and for security purposes; and accent lighting for more decorative purposes. More information.

Awnings and blinds to protect you from the heat

Shadeland in Townsville has some of Australia’s most popular blinds and awnings, all suitable for the harsh Queensland climate and weather patterns. Shadeland’s commitment ensures that you have maximum sun protection, whilst enjoying the outdoors in comfort and style. Find out more.

What materials are blinds and awnings available in?

  1. Ziptrak blinds
  2. Crank operated
  3. Folding arm
  4. Cord and pulley
  5. Pivoting arms
  6. External / fixed awnings

How does it work?

Call (07) 4721 4278 to schedule your design consultation. From here, a specialist will visit your property and assess your requirements. After this, a quote will be sent to you. Once you have accepted the quote, installation can begin.